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Kinship House extends their sincere THANK YOU to the churches, foundations, agencies, companies and
individuals whose generous and on-going support make our services possible.

Grace Episcopal Church, Sandusky

Our Founder and On-Going Supporter

The Sidney Frohman Foundation

Randolf & Estelle Dorn Foundation

The Sam S. & Rose Stein Foundation
Wightman Weiber Foundation

Randall A Ruthsatz & Co Inc CPA

Referrals to Kinship House

When you and your family are involved with an Erie County Court or Agency, or a court from another county, and have been ordered to use Supervised Visitation, the court, agency or your attorney may make a referral to Kinship House.


Sometimes families may be involved with a social worker, mental health professional or a child welfare agency. In these circumstances, the agency you are involved with may make the referral.


If you are not involved with any agency but would like to use the services of Kinship House, you may make a self-referral.