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Board of Directors Membership

If you are looking to give back in a committed way, the Kinship House Board of Directors may be just the place for you. You would be working with other committed members to support the mission of Kinship House. Board terms are a three-year commitment and your involvement will be felt throughout the entire organization. Please contact us for further details.

Facilities Clean-Up and Beautification

We strive to provide a comfortable, peaceful facility for Kinship House families to connect. This takes time, energy and muscle. You can help in any of the following ways:


  • Bi-Annual Yard Clean-up: Every year there is general yard maintenance to perform, which we could not thoroughly complete without our volunteers. Prune, edge, spread mulch, pull weeds,. You name it, we can use it!

  • Facilities Clean-up: The Kinship House and the Little House require general upkeep such as touch-up paint, maintenance, and repairs.

  • Specialty skills: If you are skilled in plumbing, electrical, woodwork, etc. and want to support Kinship House, we’d love for you to contact us and become our go-to professional when things come up.

Helping Hands During Events

The Kinship House Events are important fundraising drives we do in order to provide Kinship House services. Each year, we participate in two or more events that require many helping hands! Some ways you can help at events are:


  • Setup and take-down

  • Prep-work

  • Greeters and Direction Providers

  • Fun Creators

  • Spread the word!

Contact us if you’d like to participate. We greatly appreciate your involvement at events!

Call and Talk About Your Creative Ideas

We are always open to our Kinship House Heroes creative ideas about supporting our mission to provide services to children and their families. You are the heart of Kinship House! Contact us today to volunteer to sustain Kinship House and all the wonderful services it provides to children and families in crisis.



Volunteering: The work of Kinship House heros!

Our volunteers support our work in a range of ways including Board of Directors membership, facilities clean-up and beautification, holding fundraisers or collecting donations of items and supplies (toys, art, cleaning, food items) on our behalf.


Here are some ways you can support Kinship House with your time and energy:


  • Board of Director membership

  • Facilities clean-up and beautification

  • Helping Hands during Events and or fundraisers!


Interested? Contact us to volunteer. Any and all involvement is appreciated.

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